Key attributes

  • Restores shine to baths, sinks, taps and tiles. 
  • Removes & prevents limescale. 
  • Dissolves limescale & rust deposits.

Product information

Wyx Limescale Remover removes even the toughest limescale and soap scum from your bathroom. It also fights hard water marks, calcium and rust for clean and long-lasting shiny surfaces.

When used regularly, as a daily treatment, Wyx limescale remover creates a barrier to prevent watermarks from returning, even in very hard water areas.

Works great on bathroom wash basins, bath tubs, bathroom taps, shower heads, stainless steel, kitchen sinks and other surfaces around the bathroom and the kitchen that are exposed to water.

Spray on surface and leave to act for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with a clean cloth. Ensure nozzle is closed after use.

Do not use on matt or decorated glass, marble, granite, chrome, aluminum, lead, tin, zinc or similar materials. Do not use together with other chemical products. Avoid contact with treated surfaces.

Pack size: 750ml