Key attributes

  • Safe for all pipes and tanks
  • Prevents bad odours and clogs
  • Soluble sachets.

Product information

Wyx Septic System treatment is a biological activator that will help your septic tanks maintain a free-flowing system while respecting the environment. By adding the product to the septic system every week, you can help prevent septic backups and prolong the life of your system.

It also prevents bad odours.

This supply is enough for three months of treatment.

Pour the sachets directly into the toilet. Flush toilet.

The sachet will dissolve automatically thanks to its soluble sachet.


Dosage Maintenance Initial treatment/ Reactivation/ Bad Odours
Septic Tank 1-4 people 1 sachet per week 1 sachet every 4 days for 15 days.
5-8 people 2 sachets per week 2 sachets per week
9-12 people 3 sachets per week 3 sachets per week


Pack size: 12 tablets.