Key attributes

  • Clean & shiny bathroom surfaces.
  • Removes soap scum and dirt.
  • Removes limescale and watermarks.
  • Fresh scent

Product information

Wyx Bathroom Cleaner Gel is great for everyday cleaning. It provides clean and shiny bathroom surfaces, while easily removing limescale, dirt and soap scum to leave a shiny and clean bathroom. Its fresh scent will leave your bathroom smelling nice and clean for longer.

Works great on bathroom wash basins, bath tubs, bathroom taps, shower heads and glazed ceramic bathroom tiles.

Also available as disinfectant bathroom cleaner gel.

Follow instructions depending on product application:

  • USED DILUTED: Pour 2 caps (60 ml) of product in half a bucket of water (5L of water). No need to rinse.
  • USED NEAT: Pour on a wet sponge or cloth and apply directly on surfaces. Rinse heavily with water using a clean and damp cloth.

Do not apply on food or cooking utensils. Do not apply on surfaces that are in contact with food. Do not mix with other chemical products.  A pre-treatment test should be carried out to verify the compatibility of the product with the surface material. Do not use on matt or decorated glass, marble, granite, chrome, aluminum, lead, tin, zinc or similar materials. Keep the product in its original container and do not refill with other products.

Pack size: 750ml.