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Reinventing Hygiene

At Wyx we are focused on protecting your family from dirt, grease, bacteria and viruses by offering a range of products for every need; laundry, dishwashing, home cleaners and hand sanitizers.

Powerful, safe and efficient solutions for your home and skin with fresh fragrances.

Wyx XtraHygiene products have been tested to kill Coronavirus. A new range of disinfectants without bleach, safe for homes with kids and pets.


Protection, health and hygiene for your home and family

Safe formulas

Our formulas have been specially designed to take care of your home surfaces, fabrics and floors while being gentle on skin. Just ensure you check the labels to use the products correctly.

High performance

Efficient and powerful products that tackle that horrible stain on the first wash, remove stubborn grease from surfaces or build up limescale on your bathroom. Because we love clean, shiny and spotless homes!

Solutions for every need

We guide you through your cleaning needs every step of the way. This is why you will find a wide range of products under the brand WYX. Quality, safety and performance is a key attribute on every product we develop.

Great fragrances

We enjoy the scent of fresh cut flowers, sparkling lemons, ocean breeze and fruity notes. This is why, together with our perfume experts partners, we put all our love when developing the fragrances that will infuse your home and laundry every day.

How to properly disinfect your kitchen

Germs can be found in many kitchens, caused by food residues, cross-contamination and greasy leftovers.

Simply cleaning and removing grease from cooktops and worktops won’t do it. It is important to disinfect correctly all surfaces and objects around the kitchen to ensure a healthy home.


Disinfection, laundry and home cleaning tips for your home

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How to wash and disinfect your Halloween costumes

Prepare your Halloween costumes for the most terrifying night of the year! Ensure you wash and disinfect your costumes before using and once Halloween is over, before storing them. You can use WYX Disinfectant Laundry Cleanser, together with your regular detergent, to ensure all your costumes are clean and disinfected, ready to wear! Here are


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