Key attributes

  • Cleans and freshens.
  • Removes hidden grease and mal odour.
  • Cleans your filter
  • Removes limescale from your dishwasher machine

Product information

Grease and limescale build up in your dishwasher every day. It is important to maintain your dishwasher clean if you are looking for sparkling results in every wash.

Wyx Dishwasher Cleaner dissolves grease and limescale for a clean and fresh dishwasher machine. Thanks to its powerful cleaning agents it will remove even the dirt and grease that is hidden in your dishwasher filter, spray-arms and pipes. Sparkling clean results with a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

To ensure your dishwasher is always clean we recommend a monthly wash with Wyx Dishwasher Cleaner.

Empty the dishwasher, peel away the label on the cap and discard. DO NOT REMOVE THE CAP. Place the bottle upside down in the cutlery basket or in a secure position. Run a normal wash programme 60ºC or higher. The cleaner is automatically released when the dishwasher reaches wash temperatures. Discard bottle after use. 

Use only when dishwasher is empty. Do not add detergent.

Do not mix with other cleaning products or bleaches.   

Pack size: 250 ml.