Key attributes

  • Disinfectant toilet cleaner with Bleach
  • Fresh, clean & shiny toilet. 
  • Removes limescale.
  • Cleans above & below the waterline.
  • Long-lasting fragrance.

Product information

Wyx Toilet Cleaner with bleach will leave your toilet perfectly clean and fresh, leaving a pleasant long-lasting ocean fresh fragrance that will last for hours!

Thanks to its shaped neck WYX toilet cleaner cleans above and below the waterline, as it has a better reach under the rim. Its active gel formula clings to the bowl to remove limescale and clean dirt.

It is safe to use with septic tanks.

This product is also available in the following variants: Ocean Escape, Fresh Blossom and Power Toilet Cleaner.

Use gloves. To open cap, squeeze both pads and unscrew. Pour liquid direct around the bowl and under the rim. Leave for 10 minutes. Use a toilet brush for best results. Brush above and below the waterline and flush. For heavily built up limescale repeat process. Replace cap tightly after use.  For best results use daily.

Pack size: 1,25L.