Key attributes

  • Film completely dissolves in water in 2 minutes.
  • Long lasting fragrance.  
  • Clean & shiny surfaces. 
  • Removes grease, dirt and grime. 
  • Concentrated formula, more power in every drop.
  • Easy  & ready to use, simply toss in the bucket.
  • 20 doses.

Product information

Wyx Floor Cleaner Sachets is a universal cleaning solution for almost any hard washable floor at your home. Thanks to its powerful cleaning agents it will leave your floors residue free, spotless and sparkling clean. It removes grease, dirt and grime from your surfaces to provide a sparkling shine.

Ultra concentrated formula to save storage space in your home and during transport. It has been formulated with less water thanks to its concentration. The film completely dissolves in water, releasing the cleaning agents. New easy to use product, avoid over-dosage, spillages and messes!

Its aloe vera fragrance will infuse your home with a long-lasting pleasant and fresh fragrance.

Pour the capsule in a half bucket of water (5L). Wait for 2 minutes while the capsule dissolves in the water. Stir water with a mop and clean floors.

Do not open capsule, it will dissolve in the water.

The water from the bucket should not be too cold to ensure a correct dissolution of the capsule. In case of sensitive skin avoid prolonged contact with the capsule. Do not open the capsule. Do not touch product with wet hands. The capsules dissolve in contact with water.

Pack size: 20 caps.