Key attributes

  • Fresh, clean & shiny toilet. 
  • Removes limescale.
  • Long-lasting pine fragrance.

Product information

Toilet Rim Block Pine will leave your toilet perfectly clean and fresh, leaving a long-lasting pine fragrance with every flush. Infuse your bathroom with a fresh smell of sparkling pine

Thanks to its unique action and device, dose of concentrated toilet cleaner is released with every flush to remove limescale and the toughest dirt.

The pack includes a refill of the same fragrance, so you can reuse your device and save some plastic in the process of cleaning.

It is safe to use with septic tanks.

This product is also available in the following variants: Ocean Escape.


  1. Do not remove lid. Insert the refill into the base and press until it clicks and the refill is well positioned. 
  2. Adjust the hook to the edge of the toilet. Leave the flap and ensure it is in contact with the toilet wall. 
  3. Ensure the rimblock is positioned on the water flow. 
  4. When the refill is empty recycle product and replace it. 

Do not throw product down the toilet. Wash hands after placing the product in the toilet.

Pack size: 120ml (2 x 60ml)