Key attributes

  • Outstanding stain removal results
  • Stain lifting technology.
  • For whites and colours.
  • Gentle on fabrics.

Product information

Wyx Fabric Stain Remover removes even the toughest stains from your fabrics thanks to its stain lifting technology. Its fast-acting formula will remove even the hidden stains from your fabrics, providing clean and spotless clothes.

Formulated to remove all types of stains, from the ones you can clearly see to the tougher ones hidden in the fabric fibres.

Pack size: 750 ml

Brilliant results on a wide range of daily stains, such as:

  • Food: Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, curry & other spices, chocolate, fruit, etc.
  • Red & White Wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Drinks & Beverages: soda, beer, juices, etc.
  • Grass and mud
  • Blood
  • Greasy stains, such as oil.
  • Sweat
  • General dirt
  • Make-up
  • Baby food

1. Spray directly on stain

2. Leave to act for maximum 5 minutes.

3. Wash immediately with laundry machine or by hand. 

4. If the stain persists, repeat process.

Spray product on fresh stain. Only apply on fabrics with solid colours. Test colour fastness on a hidden area of the fabric. Do not use bleach during the laundry wash. Do not apply on wool, silk, leather, corduroy, linen flax or fabrics that are recommended for dry wash. Follow garment manufacturer’s instructions.